Lift & Slide Door System

The KINGSHORE Lift & Slide door system is designed for very large openings to provide unhindered views, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and an abundance of natural light—all without sacrificing our trademark ease of operation, security, and performance.

Lift and slide door system
Lift and slide door system
Lift and slide door system
Lift and slide door system
Lift and slide door system
Lift and slide door system

KINGSHORE offers two different Lift & Slide door systems: the KINGSHORE 76 and the KINGSHORE 88. While both systems provide the same smooth operation, the KINGSHORE 76 is recommended for smaller openings (less than 15’ wide) and the KINGSHORE 88 is recommended for larger openings (up to 21’ wide). Lift & Slide Doors are available in 2, 3 or 4 panels in a variety of exterior and interior finishes.

Durable Hardware Designed for Large Doors

Our Lift & Slide doors feature advanced operating hardware. The secure locking mechanism is easily disengaged and the door is softly lifted with a single turn of the door’s large handle. Our cutting-edge sliding technology is then activated with the slightest touch, effortlessly opening the door.

Hybrid Framing System

All Lift & Slide doors are designed using our exclusive Hybrid Framing System. European uPVC profiles with steel reinforcement and corners that have been fusion welded are features of the hybrid framing system. The end product is a door with the structural durability needed for extremely big openings.

Furthermore, a cutting-edge compression gasket with exceptional durability is included with the Lift & Slide door. Compression gaskets effectively seal sliding patio doors from air and water, outperforming conventional brush seal gaskets in terms of energy efficiency and water resistance.

Sill Options That Aren’t Obtrusive

The very low sill on our Lift & Slide door system makes it simple to flush mount it into your floor, creating a seamless surface from the inside to the outside. The flush mount sill is a terrific option for houses that require easier accessibility for mobility devices, for doors that get a lot of traffic, or just for homeowners that value lovely finishing touches.

Key Performance Data

All of our Lift & Slide doors have passed NFRC and NAFS tests in North America and are available in double or triple glazing. They have Energy Star certification for all temperature zones in both Canada and the US.

NAFS performance data is based on the following tested sizes: KINGSHORE 76 – Single Operable – 180” wide x 102” high; KINGSHORE 88 – Single Operable – 120” wide x 98” high. Additional NAFS values are available upon request for different glass combinations, options and tested sizes.

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