KINGSHORE Windows & Doors Inc was founded in 2011 with a focus of providing high-quality products to the Custom Home, Mid-Rise and Remodelling markets. As a manufacturer of vinyl windows, we have aligned ourselves with PH TECH, one of the most reputable extruders of vinyl profiles in the industry.

In addition, over the years KINGSHORE has sourced and partnered with equally minded manufacturers and distributors to bring one of the most complete lines of High-Quality products available in the market today.

Our recent partnering with KOLBE Gallery Ontario brings Wood Windows & Doors, Wood with Aluminum Cladding, Aluminum with Wood Interior and Fibreglass Windows & Doors.

Our partnering with Mastergrain Doors adds a manufacturer and assembler of one of the highest quality fibreglass door systems available in Ontario.


“Quality Products, Exceptional Service and a Solution for Every Project”.